Package Add-Ons

Customize your DIY HIPAA/HITECH Assessment (HHA) Toolkit with these optional add-on services. These services can also be purchased at a later time.
HHA Reports Review (recommended) - $300.00
HHA Reports and Review by a Certified EHR 2.0 Consultant

Additional HIPAA Awareness Staff Training - $14.99
The plan includes staff training license for only 1 user. To add additional staff training licenses, specify number here.

Each Additional Practice Site - $200.00
The plan includes license for one practice site. Additional practice site can be added by checking the box. For a practice with more than 10 practice sites, request for a quote at

Each Additional Physicians - $150.00
Your plan includes 2 physicians in a practice. To add up to 3 additional physicians, specify number here. If your practice has more than 5 physicians, request for a quote at

Each Additional IP Address Vulnerablity Scan - $49.00
The plan includes one IP address scan. To add additional IP address scans, specify number here.

HIPAA Compliance Maintenance Program - HCMP (recommended) - $849.99
Keep electronic Protected Health Information safe by enrolling in EHR 2.0’s HIPAA Compliance Maintenance Program(HCMP) to receive ongoing support, vulnerability assessment report and the latest up-to-date notifications.

Visit EHR 2.0 HIPAA Compliance Maintenance Program(HCMP) section to learn more about our the service.

Background Check for Staff - $150.00
Performing background checks on applicants and employees is an effective way to discover potential issues that could affect your business.


Training Modules

Extend additional training opportunities to your employees. These training modules include completion tracking and reporting.
Additional Training Users - $14.99

Cost per user, per training. 10% discount for additional trainings.

The purpose of secure coding training is to inform the development team of the secure coding practices that they need to perform. At the initial stage of the secure coding awareness training, the focus will be mainly on the following:
- What are secure coding standards or baselines?
- What are the common industry secure coding issues?
- How will they impact on a developer's daily tasks?
-Release criteria for secure code scanning
(10 users Included!)

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DIY HIPAA/HITECH Assessment (HHA) Toolkit $699.00
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